Lawang Sewu The Haunted Place In Indonesia

Lawang Sewu is a haunted building in Semarang, Central Java Indonesia. Lawang Sewu has many mysteries and known as one of the haunted places. It was built in 1904 and completed in 1907 which is located in roundabout Tugu Muda, formerly called Wilhelminaplein. Local people call it Lawang Sewu (Thousand Doors) because the building has many doors. In fact, the door is not up to a thousand. This building has many high and wide windows, so people often think of it as a door (Lawang). Most tourists visit the building because there is an aura of mystery in the building.

Mystery of Lawang Sewu the Haunted Place in Indonesia
Lawang Sewu

This old building before the Japanese colonial era was an ordinary building as the railroad office that managed by the Dutch. The mysterious story began when Japan entered and stormed the building to make it as one of the resting places of the Japanese army. As the result, Japanese soldiers raped 20 Dutch women. After being satisfied, the 20 victims were beheaded then the spirit of the Dutch women often appeared in Lawang Sewu. The impression of horror continued into the underground bunker. Actually, the bunker was a place of storage or supply of clean water in the Dutch era.

Inside Lawang Sewu, there is a small squat prison. Along ago, five to nine people inserted in it with the width and length about 1.5 x 1.5 meters and the height about 60 cm. They squatted in it crowdedly and filled with water up to the neck, and then the squat prison was closed with an iron until they all died. The prison was built because a lot of people were arrested and due to the pool of torture was full, they made a new place. Five to six people were put in a box about 60 cm x 1 meter. They stood together and closed the iron door until they all died.

If within a week, they who were in squat prison or standing prison were alive so their head would be beheaded in a special room that using a sandbox to collect the corpse. All corpses were thrown into a small river beside the building. According to stories and myths circulating among the people, in Lawang Sewu there is a basement that has a sinister impression and often heard mysterious mystical voices.   

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