Mystery Of Ancient Civilization Chachapoyas

The mystery of ancient civilization Chachapoyas, the land of the clouds that lost hundreds of years ago was found at the top of Amazon, Peru. The life and culture of the ancient city which existed since the 9th century was still a mystery and hard to find because they did not leave many records. Though lost without traces for hundreds of years ago, the traces of civilization of the Chachapoya city can still be found in the northern region of Peru with rows of statues.

Mystery of Ancient Civilization Chachapoyas

Karija site was built almost 1 millennium. Actually, it was a cemetery and every statue symbolized the figure who grave there. The statues were made of clay and matt plant which in it contained the mummies of the Chachapoyas. Strangely, the statue position is very difficult to reach and after research, there is no accessible path to that place. The story of how life in Chachapoya almost becomes a mystery because the place is very isolated.

This lost ancient city of Chachapoyas was discovered by a team of archaeological expeditions in 2008. The location was isolated in the dense of Amazon jungle and the distance was about 500 km northeast of Lima. Archaeological teams found stone fortresses and the buildings on the edge of a cliff which contained paintings carved into the rocks. Just a few records about it including about their culture that developed in the 9th century. In fact, the ancient city of Chachapoyas was at the height of its height.

Allegedly, the city Chachapoyas in height was deliberately developed for defense against the enemy. However, their fate became uncertain when the Inca Empire succeeded in conquering the Chachapoyas people 500 years ago. Although the Chachapoyas had a hard time fighting, the Inca power was unmatched. When Spain came in 1535, the remains of the Chachapoyas people sided with Spain to fight against the Incas but, then came the disease of Europeans namely smallpox which obliterated their population.

The history writer, Cieza Pedro de León wrote the figure of Chachapoyas had white skin, handsome, and beautiful. The most impressive of the Chachapoyas construction relics is Kuelap, a monumental fortress that located 9,500 meters above sea level. The building is exterior protected by large stones. In Kuelap, there are about four hundred buildings that may be occupied by about 3,500 inhabitants. This complex shows that the Chachapoyas in 1000 years ago had been able to create an extraordinary one.

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