Mystery Of Number 13 You Should Know

In the world, there are many belief, myths, mystery, and legends behind the number 13. In the modern society, the superstitious beliefs still exist and grow into many aspects of community life. These beliefs even color the city's architectural as well as skyscraper buildings. For example, in the various building in China, there is no 13 and 14 floor. According to their beliefs, the numbers do not carry luckiness. In the west, the number 13 is also considered as an unlucky number. If we look at the numbers in the elevators of tall buildings of the world, you will not find the 13th floor. This phenomenon is found in many countries.

Mystery Behind the Number 13

In fact, the superstitious beliefs and myths are derived from ancient knowledge called Kabbalah. Kabbalah is an ancient mystical teaching which had been memorized by the Supreme Council of Witches in the Pharaoh's regime which later passed on by witches, magicians, fortune-tellers, psychics, and so on. The Jews later raised it into a political movement and now Kabbalah has become a new trend among the world's celebrities. Jews were strictly keeping Kabbalah.

In Marseilles, southern France, Jews recorded Kabbalah teaching which previously had only been passed down through oral and secretly. They are also known as people who like to tamper with numbers or as Geometry. According to them, the number 13 is one of the sacred numbers containing various magical powers and religious sides together with the numbers 11 and 666. In the various symbols of Cabbalism, they always inserted element 13.

The largest insertion of the 13th symbol that carried these people throughout human history is the emblem of the United States of America. The Seal of United States which consists of two sides (Eagle Bird and the Illuminati Pyramid) is loaded with the number 13. The following are the examples.
  • 13 stars above the head Eagles form the Star of David
  • 13 lines on the shield or the bird shield
  • 13 olive leaves on the right foot of the bird
  • 13 olive grains poking through the olive leaf
  • 13 arrows
  • 13 feathers at the end of the arrow
  • 13 letters that form the Annuit Coeptis sentence
  • 13 letters that form the sentence E Pluribus Unum
  • 13 layers of stone forming pyramids
  • 13 X 9 dots that circled the Star of David over the head of Eagle

In addition, the big corporate logos of the United States also use number 13. Uniquely, although the number 13 is scattered in various forms, the Americans apparently consider the number 13 as a number to be avoided. The tall buildings in America rarely use the number 13 as the floor number. Even in the race cages, there is no number 13 just from the cage number 12, then 12a, straight to number 14.

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