Legend Of Jack O Lantern The Halloween Lantern

People who celebrate Halloween are familiar with Jack O Lantern, the Halloween Lantern. It has many facts actually. Jack O Lantern (in English in the 17th century) means Men Who Bring Lanterns. In addition, Jack O Lantern is also a name for igniis fatis or false hope to scare the travelers. But over time, Jack O Lantern turned into a term lantern radishes that defined by Thomas Darlington (1887) The Folk-Speech of South Cheshire that Lantern that made by scooping the contents of radish then carve it into the shape of a human face and placed a candle in it. Now, the carving of the pumpkin with head shape is called Jack O'Lantern.

Legend of Jack O Lantern the Halloween Lantern
Jack O Lantern

The story began with a young man named Jack or better known as Stingy Jack. He was a lazy farmer living in a rural village in Ireland. Jack was very lazy to work and he even stole food from the villagers. Until one day, Jack was accidentally caught stealing food from some villagers and they chased him. Jack tried to run as fast as possible in order to not get caught. Luckily, he managed to hide in a cave. There, he met the devil who wanted to take Jack's life. But Jack offered the last request to the Devil that he wanted to pay for all the food he stole to the villagers.

The devil approved his request and turned into silver coins then immediately entered Jack's wallet. Jack was very sly. He locked the wallet so the devil would not come out to take his life. Then Jack offered a promise to the devil if Jack freed the Devil then the Devil would not take his life. The Devil finally agreed. Jack died in a very sinful state and he was not accepted in Heaven or Hell. Now, his soul lives in nothingness and darkness.

Jack complained because he could not leave without an illumination. Then the devil mocked him and threw coals of Hell that could not out. Then Jack picked up a pumpkin to put the coals inside and went around the earth to find a resting place for him. Since then Jack was known as Jack O'Lantern.

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