Ghost Of Mae Nak Phra Khanong From Thailand

It seems that almost Thai citizen know the legend of Mae Naak Phra Khanong. Mae Naak Phra Khanong is a female ghost from Thailand. This urban legend is usually used by the mothers there to frighten their children in order to not be naughty. On the other hand, if the children are still stubborn then the Ghost of Mae Naak Phra Khanong will eat their brains.

Ghost of Mae Nak Phra Khanong from Thailand
Mae Nak Phra Khanong

The story began in the royal period in Thailand precisely in the 1850's. There was a woman who lived in Phra Khanong area. It was a village on the edge of the capital Bangkok named Nang Nak. Nang Nak lived with a handsome husband named Nai Maak. Their life was initially normal even until the woman was pregnant. At that time, Thailand was a war then her husband should serve as soldiers for his country. Nang Nak had to live alone in her village in a state of pregnancy.

After two years, Maak finally returned to his village safely, but when he arrived in his village, Maak felt something strange about his hometown. He felt the whole village did not know him. Arriving at home, Maak was warmly welcomed by his wife and daughter as if their old life was back to normal. After some time, Maak began to realize many odd things in that place. Until one day, Maak realized that the house looked clean and tidy but in fact, it was messy and unkempt. Finally, he realized that all of this was an illusion from the spirit haunt. Apparently, his child had died in childbirth due to a severe bleeding during childbirth.

However, because her wife was too big for her husband, she finally became a curious spirit to deceive her husband. Initially, the neighbors around Maak tried to tell the truth but since Nak did not want it, he killed his neighbors and continued to be a chain of murder for anyone who tried to tell Maak. Finally, Maak searched help to a monk in order to calm the spirit Nak. Then, a great war happened between the monk and the spirit of Nak. Finally, her wife spirit surrendered and transformed into a brooch that had been kept by the royal family of Thailand.

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