Mystery Of Aswang Ghost From the Philippines

Aswang (Asuwang) is a ghost grave and a supernatural being that often appears in the traditional beliefs and oral communities of Filipino communities, especially in the Christian community. Aswang (Asuwang) is a vampire-like creature in Philippine mythology. Even the Spanish colonizers said that Aswang was the most feared creature by Filipinos. The Aswang myth is known throughout the Philippines except in the Ilocos area. It is popular in the western Visayan area such as Capiz, Iloilo, and Antique. Aswang's characteristic is the tendency to cover the carcasses of their hunt with banana trunks.

Aswang Ghost the Eater of Children from Philippines

Aswang also likes eating the children and her favorite body part is liver and heart. In Capiz area, Aswang is known as tik-tik ama wak-wak because of her voice. Her voice is often heard in some places and from far away the voice sounds tick or wak-wak but from nearby, the sounds different again. Reportedly, they like to live in the mountains and never to the city. According to the elders of the Philippines, Aswang can turn into human form or animal such as dogs, pig, and blackbird. Aswang has many types.

  • Wak-wak. It is a bird-like creature that goes out at night looking for its victims.
  • Bal-bal. It is a kind of magician who preys on a pregnant woman. They usually penetrate a woman's uterus when they are hungry.
  • Kubot. It is a bat creature with large wings and wide. It catches his victim with his claws and takes him home for slaughter.
  • Tik-tik. The shape is a large bird or a bat that flies at night. It is looking for the sleeping person then sucks the victim's blood with its long trunk.
  • Mansusopsop. They prey on pregnant women. They float on the roof and looking for a roof crack. With the long tongue like a thread to pass through the gap to reach the victim's stomach. Then it sucks all the blood including the fetus to die.
  • Sigbin. It is a kangaroo-like creature that has a wide mouth with large fangs. It kills people with deadly sneezes.

Aswang is sometimes described as a mixture of vampires and witches and almost all as women. They are also told as gigantic monsters with flapping wings. Because of the story of Aswang figure varies from region to region, there is no precise characteristic to describe this creature. Aswang is also used as a general term to describe other mythological creatures such as ghosts, witches, deformities, lycans and other monsters.

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