The Unsolved Mystery Of Geli Raubal Death

The story of World War II was about the unsolved mystery of Geli Raubal Death. Angela Geli Raubal was a young woman who grew up in Germany in the early 20th century. Her life ended at a relatively young age. She was known to commit suicide by shooting her head on September 18, 1931. Even the pistol that was used was owned by Adolf Hitler. He was Raubal’s step-uncle and the man who was said to be his secret lover. She familiarly called him by the name of Uncle Alfie.

The Unsolved Mystery of Geli Raubal Death
Geli Raubal Death

They were both involved with the Nazis from the beginning of the political journey to power. Raubal traveled with Fuhrer to the outposts and eventually moved to Hitler's mansion as a housekeeper. While they were together, Hitler praised his nephew as an example for all Aryan women even though some parties disagree with that view. Someone even insulted her as a brainless bitch who manipulated Hitler. Then, many reports were related to the incidents of the fights the night before the Raubal death.

Some sources suspected that the incident was related to the Raubal’s plan to be engaged to another man in Vienna. After her suicide, people that close to Hitler gave an explanation that Raubal shot herself because of anxiety with the music practice that would be undertaken. The explanation was denied especially with the findings of several injuries on her body including a broken nose. Then, there was a controversy that because of the threats of litigation, Raubal was silenced by Nazi political circles.

For several years later, it was rumored that Hitler was the perpetrator of Raubal's murder. A journalist investigated the story of her suicide. But before he could publish his findings, the journalist was arrested by the Nazis. Finally, the Journalist was executed in Dachau. As the result of his death, any investigation was abandoned. We may never know about the true events of Geli Raubal death.

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