Moguicheng The Eerie Devil Town In China

China as a country with the largest population in the world has an area that no one wants to live there. It is Moguicheng, well known as the eerie devil town or as the Wuerhe Windy City in China. This town is suitable for those who love the mystical things. The dead city Moguicheng is located just outside Xinjiang, China. The city looks mysterious because there are rocks that look like pillars resembling an ancient palace. In devil town, there is a mysterious castle that the founder is unidentified.

Moguicheng the Eerie Devil Town in China
Moguicheng the Devil Town

Moguicheng is an abandoned area and no one lives here. It is called the city of the devil because this city holds a mystery. According to experts, about 100 million years ago in the Cretaceous period, there is a large freshwater lake in the Xinjiang region. As the times change, the land of the lake gradually rises and forms desert of Yadan Landform and then becomes the Devil Town known today. The castles in Moguicheng are various in sizes and height, and some castles that are naturally engraved by strong winds.

There are the mysterious phenomenon in this desert area, if we walk towards the castle during the daylight with the soft wind, we will hear the sound like a melody that is resembling the millions of tinkling bells or melodious rhythms come from soft guitar strings. But when the storm came, the flying sand made the sky dark immediately. The melody would turn into the sound of the tiger's roar, the crying cry of the baby, the sound of the animal being slaughtered, and even the cry of a dying woman. In the end, all sound is going to turn into shouting, crying, and anger sound.

Until now, this phenomenon remains a mystery. No one can explain it. However, these phenomena really happen and cannot be explained nowadays, even the scientists are also a dead end when researching this area. The myth says that they are ghost sounds and some people also believe it.

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