Mystery Greenbrier Ghost Solves Her Own Murder

Elva Zona Heaster is the Greenbrier Ghost who rises from the dead to solve her own murder mystery. At first, his mother Mary Jane Heaster was devastated by the mysterious death of her daughter until Zona Ghost appeared to tell her that she had been murdered. Zona had married Edward Shue. She was found dead by a neighbor boy on January 23 in West Virginia under rather unusual circumstances. This accident made her mother very shock and sad. Moreover, a hasty autopsy concluded that she had died for the faint.

The Greenbrier Ghost Rise from Dead Solve Her Own Murder Mystery
The Grave of Zona Heaster

From start, Zona was death in an unusual circumstance. When zona body was found by the boy and the time before the police and doctor arrived, Edward Shue had cleaned and dressed the body of his dead wife by high neckpiece. He disallowed the doctor to complete the autopsy. He also propped a pillow and sheet around Zona head with a scarf wrapped around her neck. He claimed that she would rest easier this way. Zona was buried on January 24, 1897.

Mary Jane Heaster, Elva’s mother never liked zona husband, Shue. After the funeral, her mother removed the sheet from inside the coffin then washed it in the home. When she dropped the sheet into the water, the water turned into a dark red. Because of this, she was convinced that he had murdered her daughter but Mary Jane had no evidence. One night, Mary Jane claimed that she had been visited by her daughter ghost in a dream for four days. Zona rose from dead and come to her room just to tell the truth that she was murdered by her husband, not natural died or an accident. Mary began to believe her visions and asked the police to autopsy the Zona body again.

On February 22, 1897, medical professionals examined Zona’s body. It was revealed that Zona’s neck had been broken, smashed windpipe, and visible bruising around the neck suggesting fingermarks seemed to indicate that she had been strangled. With new evidence of Zona death, Shue was soon called into question, and he was arrested for the murder of his wife. On July 11, Shue was found guilty of murdering Zona and sentenced to life in prison. He died three years later from an unknown illness and was buried in an unmarked grave.

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