mystery Of Dumas Beach The Haunted Place

Dumas Beach is an urban beach in the Indian state of Gujarat that has been reported of numerous times for its famous paranormal activity. It is one of the most haunted places in India. Even many people report the same experience of walking down the beach and hearing someone whispers, but as they turn around there is no one there.  Moreover, there have been reports of people going missing.  It is like the wind around this beach is full of dead spirits people. 

Dumas Beach Haunted Place with Famous Paranormal Activity
Dumas Beach

During the day this beach is just like other beaches with a lot of tourists wandering around. However, at night, this beach looks terrible with a famous appearance of dark sand. There are many scary stories about Dumas beach. According to local people, the Hindus have a tradition of burning dead on the beach or on the shore of any river. They believe that spirits which have not found an eternal place still roam and tend to be found in a windy place like Dumas beach. Most of the native people say that the spirit walks down on the beach at night. If you walk toward the ocean at night, you will hear noises in the wind, scary giggle and loud laughter that will make you get goosebumps.

This place has reported by many paranormal incidences. It is also strictly advised not to enter Dumas beach after dark. Many tourists who come to the beach in dark are still found missing. No one knows where they have disappeared, except one corpse which found dead with his tongue stretch out of the mouth. Not only human, the dog that can notice paranormal phenomena behave strangely around the ocean and start barking all of sudden. 

The reality remains hidden behind the myth and people believe. Whatever the true story, the numerous incidences and strange activities on the beach never stop and continue to haunt the imagination of many people. These unexplained mysteries of India could genuinely be dangerous.

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