Mystery Of Mary Celeste The Abandoned Ship

An abandoned ship Mary Celeste was found by British ship called Dei Gratia and its captain David Morehouse on December 5, 1872, in his trip with no sign of its passenger, the captain, his family or any of the crew. Mary Celeste, an American merchant brigantine set sail On November 7, 1872, from New York Harbor to Genoa, Italy.  On board was the ship’s captain, Benjamin S. Briggs, his wife, his two daughters, along with eight crewmembers. Less than a month later, it was found with no one within just several feet of water in the hold and a missing lifeboat. The ship was undamaged and loaded with six months’ worth of food and water.

The Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste was launched in 18 may 1861 under British registration as Amazon, then it transferred d to American ownership and registration in 1868. When Capt. David Morehouse found the Abandon Mary Celeste in his trip nearly 400 miles east of the Azores, he sent a boarding party to the ship. They found the ship deserted. The sails were in a poor condition just the ship's single lifeboat was missing. There were 3.5 feet of water in the hold, the significant but not alarming amount for a ship this size. There were no obvious signs of fire or violence the evidence indicated an orderly departure from the ship, by means of the missing lifeboat.

Through the decades, a lack of facts only makes speculation about what might have been taken place. Theories over the years have ranged like rebellion, pirate attack, and assault by a giant octopus or sea monster, while the more scientifically minded proposed an explosion caused by fumes from the 1,700 barrels of crude alcohol in the ship’s hold. The story of the abandon ship itself has been recounted and dramatized many times, in documentaries, novels, plays, and film.  

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