Depth Of the Sea Mystery And Strange Creatures

The average of depth of sea itself is 14,000 feet deep which leaves lots of unknown mystery of the depth of the sea and strange creatures in it. Human just have explored an estimated 5-10% of Earth’s of oceans. Sea itself is the expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface and surrounds its landmasses. Our planet Earth mostly covered by the sea, if we compare the sea with the mainland is 71%: 29%. We actually have only just begun to understand the deep, dark world that flows beneath us.

The depth of the Sea
We know that the ocean is around 95% unexplored, unknown, and unseen by human eyes. Fred Gorell, the head of public affairs at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Ocean Exploration and Research division, tells Mashable in an interview that "Every time we go off on an expedition, we see something new, or something believed to be new."

For scale, if we took the tallest building on land Burj Khalifa and submerged it 2,722 feet down, it will still have more than a mile between. A little farther at 3,280 feet where sunlight cannot reach us and enter the midnight zone that many strange animals down there cannot see. At 12,500 feet, the rest of RMS Titanic you can still find the sea life like the Fangtooth, Hagfish and Dumbo Octopus. That still does not compare to the two deepest crewed missions in history.

In 2012, director James Cameron descended to 35,756 feet for the deep sea Challenger Mission, but he did not break the record which set by oceanography Jacques Piccard and LT. Don Walsh in 1960 where they are descendent to the lowest point on Earth and recorded 35,797 feet below. Since then, scientists have sent lots of unmanned submersibles to explore Challenger Deep, including Kaiko. But, scientists estimate there are potentially thousands of marine species we have yet to discover.

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