Unknown Ghost Sniper Attacks in New Jersey

In one strange incident, an unknown ghost sniper attacks the Garden State in the US state of New Jersey in November 1927. Shooting attacks are terrifying which come from nowhere and for no apparent reason other than to show terror, chaos, and death. The town was gripped in fear because ghost sniper went on a serial shooting at random and leaving behind no clues, evidence, or even bullets.

Beginning in November of 1927, Albert Woodruff’s car, some other vehicles, and even a city bus on the Camden Bridge had their windshields shattered by bullets that were not found on the scenes. In total, five vehicles would be shot in this case. More homes suffered attacks and the store window was broken. In all cases, none of the passengers in the vehicles were directly hit by a bullet except by flying glass, and the bullets vanished into thin air without a trace.

Unknown Ghost Sniper Attacks in New Jersey Show Terror
The windshields shattered by bullets

During an investigation of the mystery, one police officer name John J. Rodgers was fired twice when he across the bridge. One of the projectiles hitting him directly, strangely the projectile turned into a blue marble that still becomes a mystery. Despite the discovery of blue marble, analysis of the smashed vehicle windshields showed that it was caused by bullets likely of a .22 or .25 caliber, but from where and where had they gone?

The unknown ghost sniper continued and visited Collingswood and Lindenwood, New Jersey, and also briefly traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His targets were private automobiles, trolleys, buses, taxis, and residences, as well as electric lights, were fired upon by bullets that seemed to disappear. Totality 11 vehicles were attacked. Only one witness testified to hear the report of a shot. Another witness believed that heard a man’s sinister laughter, but the other victims said they heard and seen nothing. The attacks suddenly stopped in 1928. Until now this case is still unsolved.  The ghost sniper and his phantom bullets were never found.

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