The Third Eyes Man Still Remains Mystery

The steam tunnels under the University of South Carolina are rumored to be the home of the Third Eyes Man. Some people claimed have seen third eyes man, but the story remains a mystery until now.  The first documented sighting of a strange creature with three eyes known or the Third Eye Man was on November 12, 1949. Christopher Nichols and his friend was a student at the university, they claimed to have seen a strange man with gray-faced wearing a silver suit enter a sewer portal in front of Longstreet Theatre. Then Nichols spread the story of the Sewer Man in an article for The Gamecock.

Illustration of The Third Eyes Man

Some of the steam tunnels in the 1800s have been rumored that was ever used during the Civil War. There are many other entrances to the tunnels throughout Columbia and within the University of South Carolina campus. One of the entrances to the tunnels can be found under the Gervais Street Bridge, behind Colonial Life Arena, and near the Riverfront Park.

Less than a year later, the Third Eye Man was spotted again. In April 1950, a university police officer allegedly encountered the Third Eye Man while patrolling near Longstreet Theatre. The officer saw a strange man hunched over scattered chicken remains around. He shone his flashlight on the man’s face. To his horror, what they found was a strange man had third eyes in the center of his forehead and silver skin. The policeman went to his squad car and radioed for help. By the time other officers arrived on the scene, the man had disappeared into the system of tunnels below the school.

Another encounter by students in the steam tunnels under the university kept the memory of Third Eye Man alive. There have been numerous other reported sightings of the Third Eye Man around Columbia too. Although the tunnels were thoroughly searched, no physical evidence of Third Eye Man’s existence has ever been found.

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