Interesting Mystery Of Pollock Twin Reincarnation

The story is about the perfect family and their twin daughter Pollock twin. The Pollock’s family reinforces the idea about Reincarnation or “life after death” from the tragedy that happens to their twin daughter. John Lorence Pollock led a normal family life in Hexham, England with their two daughters Jacqueline (6) and Joanna (11). On 5 May 1957, their daughter died in car accident. They were on their way to church when the driver lost control of his car and slid into the youngsters. The parents were badly affected by the tragedy. John prayed and hoped their daughter would come back.

The Pollock Twin

Their prayer was answered a lot sooner. The following year Florence was pregnant. John strongly believed that his daughters were coming back. Florence’s doctor informed them that she was only carrying one child but John disagreed with this and claimed she was carrying reincarnated twins. On 4th October 1958 Florence gave birth to two identical twins named Gillian and Jennifer. John noticed that the infant Jennifer had a strange white line across her forehead similar to her dead sister Jaqueline’s scar from a bike accident. When he checked the baby’s leg he also located a birthmark identical to Jaqueline’s birthmark. 

The family moved to Whitley Bay. Although they did not know about their elder sister, when the twin was two hey started asking for toys which had once owned by Jacqueline and Joanna. The family then returned to Hexman. The girls recognized the places they had never seen before. Pointing out to a school they said it was their school and they had played in the playground behind it. The school was the one Jacqueline and Joanna had attended. The family started to dig out the old possessions of Jacqueline and Joanna for the girls to interact with. Amazingly, they were able to correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased twins had owned. They also noticed their girls playing a different game. Then Gillian would tell Jennifer that the blood was coming from her eye because the car had hit her there.

After months later, the girls started getting hysterical on seeing passing cars. They would scream on seeing a car “The car is coming to get us”. John and Florence have always stuck by the fact that they never mentioned anything about the twin’s dead siblings. When the girls were five years old their memories suddenly vanished. They lived normal lives later.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychologist then studied this case. He was surprised to see that identical twins had a different birthmark and noticed that the girls had taken the behavior of the dead sister. Stevenson followed this family from 1964 until 1985. He believed it to be a true case of reincarnation. After reading this, do you believe this is a real case of reincarnation or nothing more than false hope by grieving parents?

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