Hasanlu Lover Mystery The Eternal Kiss

Have you ever heard mystery of “The Hasanlu Lovers?” The Hasanlu Lovers are a set skeleton of human pair remains found by a team from the University of Peninsula. The pair of skeletons showed sweet gesture of love is an eternal kiss that survived for 2,800 years. They were discovered in 1972 inside a bin within the excavation site in Hasanlu Solduz Valley, West Azerbaijan Province of Iran.

The Hasanlu Lover
The pair skeletons ware found with no other objects except a stone slab under the head of one skeleton. Upon Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania discovered that the Hasanlu Lovers died together around 800 BC, during the destruction of the Teppe Hasanlu citadel. They are estimating that the skeletons were around 2,800 years old.  The genders of the two skeletons have been the subject of much debate. According to Penn Museum, the left skeleton is around 30-35 years old at the time of death, while the right skeleton is believed a young male around 20-22 years old.

The positions of two skeletons are close together facing each other. The female skeleton on the left is reaching out its right hand to touch the face of her lover on the right. They both have their arms around each other. It is clear that they have injury and trauma on their bodies if look the time of their death.

Speculations of the cause of the death are appeared. Experts believe, they died together by asphyxiation during the destruction of the Teppe Hasanlu citadel since the bodies were found inside a bin with a stone slab. The hole in the skull of the male skeleton is suggesting some form of struggle. Perhaps out of love the female joined him in his death, dying kissing her beloved. Till this day, no one knows their real story. Only they do even death cannot keep them apart.

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