Sentinelese People The Most Isolated Tribe

The Sentinelese people are the most isolated, unknown, and uncontacted tribe on Earth. They inhabit the jungle of North Sentinel Island, one of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean and are believed to have lived there for 60,000 years. Sentinelese People resist contact with the outside world and speak in an unclassified language. They also have been known to kill people who get too close and drive away any research teams with arrows and spears.

Sentinelese People

Most of what is unknown about Sentinelese population and material culture.  Based on observation during contact attempts in the late 20th century, they maintain an essential hunter-gatherer society, obtaining their subsistence through hunting, fishing, and collecting wild plants.

In the Indian government began a series of "Contact Expeditions" to the island. The program was managed by the Director of Tribal Welfare and anthropologist T. N. Pandit. The Sentinelese retreated into the jungle, and the expedition failed to make contact with any of them. In early 1974, a National Geographic film crew went to the island, they responded with a curtain of arrows. In 1996, the “Contact Expeditions" stopped following a series of hostile encounters resulting in several deaths and because of the danger of introducing diseases.

North Sentinel Island
The Sentinelese attracted international attention in the wake of the 2004 Asian tsunami. Soon after the tsunami, a helicopter flew very low above the island, looking for signs of life, expecting to find none. However, a Sentinelese man ran out of the jungle and onto the beach waving his spear and gesturing for the helicopter to leave. Sentinelese tribe managed to survive without any help from the outside world.

Following a campaign by Survival and local organizations, the Indian government declared that no further attempts would be made to contact the Sentinelese and abandoned plans to contact the Sentinelese, and their current position is still that no further attempts to contact the tribe will be made.

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