The Black Dahlia Murder Remains A Mystery

The black dahlia murder is a famous gruesome case of a young woman that is murdered and her naked body mutilated cut in half then dumped next to an L.A. sidewalk. The murder of the Black Dahlia was among the most high profile crimes and biggest unsolved mysteries of the era. On January 15, 1947, a housewife and her young daughter discovered a naked body of a woman who had been cut in half. This gruesome case would come to be known as the Black Dahlia and would go down in history as one of the most famous cases of all time.

The Black Dahlia Murder Gruesome Naked Body Cut in Half
The Black Dahlia

The officers immediately were called for assistance after the discovering. The naked woman body had been cut in two just above her waist. The intestines had been removed and her face had also been disfigured with her mouth slashed extended from ear to ear. There were rope marks on her ankles, wrists, and neck. The officers noticed that there was no blood on the body or an area where she had been left, indicating she had been murdered elsewhere. They took the woman’s fingerprints and sent them off to the FBI lab. Pretty soon, they found that the woman was Elizabeth Short and the age was 22 years old. She was known as the black dahlia because of her beauty and sensual sort of way. She also had raven black hair.

An autopsy showed several lacerations to the head and face. There were cigarette burns on overall her bare skin. She also had been sodomized and her sexual organs abused but not penetrated. No evidence of sperm was found on the body. She might have still been alive when her murderer began to cut her in half. The doctors and detectives were shocked at the condition of the woman’s corpse. Several days after news of short’s death broke, police received 10 letters from someone claiming as the killer and an anonymous package had been mailed to an L.A. newspaper.

The package smelled like it had been doused in gasoline, a criminal technique that used to obscure their fingerprints on paper. In package included pictures of her birth certificate, her social security card, an obituary, and an address book with the list of 75 different men. The police tracked down and interviewed all the men listed in her address book, but this did not bring them any viable leads. There are three suspects on the real possibility list, Robert Manley, Walter Bayley, and George Hodel but this suspicion was never proved. More than 65 years after the crime, the LAPD and FBI have no official suspects in the murder of Elizabeth and the case has never been solved. It has remained a media sensation. Thus the Black Dahlia murder one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. 

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