Orang Bati The Flying Creature In Indonesia

The Orang Bati or known as the winged man inhabits in Seram Island of Indonesia. It is the largest island of the Maluku province. According to local folklore, this flying creature described as five feet tall with black leather-like wings resembles a human ape. The skin is red and it has a thin, long tail. Other people called it a cross between a flying monkey and a bat. This winged creature abducting babies or children in the night and carry them away to be eaten.

Orang Bati was Caught

Seram Island is thickly covered with the rainforest that giving the Orang Bati place to cover and hide from humans before flying back to the extinct volcano named Mt.Kairatu where they live. Once Orang Bati captures its victim, it will back to its home in the volcano to devour it. Some people believe that Orang Bati is a flying primate, meanwhile, others believe that it is a monkey eating bat then decided to eat children.

As a flying monkey or an oversize bat, Orang Bati would be in a class with death bat of Central America. Christian missionaries have heard stories about the beast and how it raided the town of Uraur from local villagers going all the way back to the 1500s. Some people claimed that they have seen Orang Bati. It has not been reported on the island of Seram, but many others around.

Tyson Hughs, a missionary from England claimed to have seen the animal himself.  He had arrived on the island in 1987 and stay for 8 months to help the native people in developing efficient farms. He was originally skeptical about the wild tales, but later really encountered one. In August 2012 the National Geographic Channel aired an episode called Winged Assassin to capture Orang Bati. They almost succeeded, but it managed to escape. So guys, what do you guys think it could be?

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