Margaret Foos The Girl Who Sees Without Eyes

Fifteen years old Margaret Foos was skilled with blind reading, seeing without her eyes. She could read a book with her hands just touched it while tightly blindfolded. Actually, Margaret Foos was a normal girl who could see perfectly well nothing wrong with her vision but then discovered her skill. With her father’s encouragement, she practiced and nurtured her talent. She became able to identify colors and objects along with playing games like the checker. Her father, William Foos believed that he has discovered away of teaching blind people to see through their skin in a form of extrasensory perception.

Margaret Foos Seeing Without Eyes Reading with Her Hands
Margaret Seeing Without Eyes

After knew Margaret has an unusual skill, in 1960 Foos took his daughter to Veterans Administration Center in Washington DC to be tested by psychiatrists. Margaret was blindfolded by the observer with pads and an elastic band to read a bible, distinguish color, identify the object, trace lines, play checkers, and other tests. Her father was not in the room.

During the test Margaret could read accurately and all the function without error as with completes vision. Next section, she had distinguished colored of balloons at a distance of 400 feet. The last section she played the childhood game of jacks using a small rubber ball, deftly retrieving it regardless of the angle of bounce.  In the end, the VA psychiatrists admitted bafflement. Although Margaret had passed their tests, they still could not explain how she had done it and could not admit that she could see without using her eyes.

Mr. Foos then was also questioned to his ability to teach a person to read an article covered by pad or to see through the wall, but at that time he avoided to answer. He was not at a liberty to discuss it. In private conversation, he would pursue this matter no further. Did Margaret have a genuine extrasensory power? Who knows, but the FBI thought enough of blind reading to investigate William Foos and his claims. This is one of other unsolved mystery of the world.

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