Mystery Of Alien The Unknown Creature

As far as we know that Alien is unknown creature which does not originate from Earth. Talk about Alien, it relates with UFO, and UFO itself is any apparent object in the sky that is unidentifiable as a known object or phenomenon. After we know the meaning of Alien, we will think that does the Alien really exist? Where are they come from actually? A lot of people will answer they are from space, future, even other dimension.

Sample of Alien
Talk about Alien and Unidentified Object (UFO) is not easy. Why? It is because lots of questions will appear if we talk about it. Not only the definition of Alien and their origin place, but also others questions such as:
1.         Are they kind or evil?
2.         What does their goals actually?
3.         Is there any fact evidence about Alien’s presence or just assumption?
4.         Is there any serious research about it?

Is possible they are form space, future, and even other dimension?

The first prediction Alien from space is really possible but there are some weirdness like our radar cannot detect the object which comes to our atmosphere, lots of report about Alien from witness but it always different detail, there is no real prove they are from specific planet.

The second prediction is from future. Lots of people believe in time travel, but for me it is hard to believe because if they are from future why alien’s shape is awful not like human, and for what they did human abduction ?. Third, from other dimension is reasonable than from future. The data that supports are they suddenly appear and disappear, not following physic law and they cannot interaction with human freely because of the different dimension.

Although a lot of research has been conducted to find Alien and PBB in 1979 ever talked about it too, but it do not continue seriously. We just know the presence of Alien is from lots of report from witness such as a phenomenon of light at phoenix’s town sky which witnessed by thousand people and NUFORC is an organization that keep the data of that reports. The other witness is Gibson from Illinois in November 16th 2014 reports that he saw a small object around 1.2 meters in front of him come down from sky when he hunted a deer in forest. That object shape’s is a round with brown light. Although there are many reports but still lots of people do not believe that easily.

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