Yeti The Strange Creature In Himalaya

Yeti or better known as the Abominable Snowman is a strange bipedal creature inhabit in the Himalaya mountain region of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. The name Yeti was used by native people and part of their history and mythology. It sometimes leaves tracks in the snow but is also said to dwell below the Himalayan snow line.  In 1951 first physical evidence of this animal began coming out of the Himalayas. But, dozens of expeditions to the remote existence of the Yeti remains unproven. So, do you believe that Yeti exists or it just a history?

Proof of Yeti Existence

Yeti is said to be muscular, covered with dark grayish or brown hair, and its weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. According to H. Siiger, Yeti was a part of the pre-Buddhist beliefs of several Himalayan people. Most of the evidence for the Yeti comes from sightings and reports. In 1957, Tom Slick and Peter Byrne set off to Nepal in search of Yeti because they believe its existence. They discovered footprint in the mud, its measure 10 inches long and 7 inches wide. The next year, Byrne returned to the monastery to find another prove of Yeti, then bringing back a finger to London and sent to Dr. George Agogino to examine it, whether it was some type of primate known or unknown. The result indicates it was a human hand.

Meanwhile, Yeti reports continued. A photographer named Kurt Fritler at a campsite at 16,500 feet in the Himalayas heard a very loud piercing and it moved around the circle his campsite. In 2013 a call was put out by scientists from the universities of Oxford and Lausanne analyzes a mitochondrial DNA. The result suggests that, barring hoaxes of planted samples or contamination bears in these But was 90% convinced that there is a bear in these regions that has been mistaken for a yeti, and there are still lots of Yeti’s believer group.

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