Annie Palmer The White Witch Of Haunted Rose Hall

Annie Palmer was known as “White Witch” of the famous haunted house, Rose Hall. Rose Hall is one of the Jamaica country’s most famous haunted houses in Montego Bay. Local legend told that Rose Hall is haunted by its former mistress, the Annie Palmer. She was adopted by her nanny after her parents died, who taught her witchcraft and practice voodoo. Recently, rumors spread about a visitor being pushed by the ghost of Annie Palmer on her favorite balcony. The visitor was found dead and broken neck.

Annie Palmer the White Witch of Famous Haunted Rose Hall
Anna Palmer and Her House Rose Hall

Annie real name is Annie Patterson who was born in Haiti. When she was young, her parents died of yellow fever. Then she was raised by her nanny who taught her voodoo and witchcraft. Annie moved to Jamaica and married with John Palmer, the owner of Rose Hall. Rose Hall was one of the largest plantations in Jamaica which has 2000 slaves working in it based on history. Unfortunately for Palmer, his new wife was a powerful practitioner of dark magic.

One day John caught her wife in sexual relations with one of the male slaves. This incident makes John angry and beat her. After that John died, it was said that Annie used her Voodoo skills to poison him. She murdered not only John but also two subsequent husbands. She also had a habit of taking male slaves as lovers and then murdering them when she tired of their service. In 1830, a slave lover named Takoo killed Annie in her sleep. Takoo found that Annie used a voodoo spell to kill his daughter. Unfortunately for Takoo, he was caught and killed.

Annie supposedly buried in a tomb on the grounds. Local knowledge said that her tomb was meant to be sealed with a Voodoo ritual that would have kept her spirit imprisoned forever. However, the ritual was never completed, so Annie Palmer’s ghost roams free at Rose Hall. Some witness claim that they saw Palmer’s ghost riding her horse around the plantation and sometimes seen on the balcony. Some people believe this ghost story, but the others are the skeptic.

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